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Business Lending

Camp Grove State Bank is a local leader in business lending due to our ability to offer in-house decision making, flexible term rates, and a variety of lending products and options to best suit many businesses. It is our goal to provide the lending necessary to help your business grow and succeed in today’s economy. Whether you are just starting your business and need to establish a line of credit or you are a seasoned business looking to expand, we have the right lending options for you as well as the knowledge and experience to help you be successful.

Lines of CreditBusiness Lines of Credit

Camp Grove State Bank offers attractive short-term cash-flow options through our business lines of credit. These flexible lines of credit can be used for a variety of business needs and can be renewed yearly (after a review of financial statements).

Your business may need additional cash flow for a number of reasons including:

  • Inventory increases
  • Point of Sale upgrades
  • Marketing or Advertising
  • And more!

As a revolving line of credit, you can grow your business by drawing as you wish and paying down the principal balance as you see fit. Lastly, you are billed monthly for only the interest on your balance which may help you to avoid large payments each month.

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Term LoansBusiness Term Loans

Our ability to make decisions locally gives us the flexibility to provide financing for many different business ventures. Additionally, this allows for a quick turnaround in that decision making process. Your business may be moving at a fast pace and it’s important to gain the financing you need in a timely manner. That is where Camp Grove State Bank excels in providing business term loans.

Traditionally these loans are used to purchase fleet vehicles, equipment, or machinery. With attractive, flexible terms, a business term loan may be just what you’re looking for to expand and grow.

We are able to customize each loan based on needs and use of the funds including fixed or variable rates.

It’s time to get growing! Contact us to discuss all of your business loan options today.

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SBA LoansSBA Loans

Is your business just getting off the ground and you need financing to make your self-employment dream a reality? That’s where an SBA loan with Camp Grove State Bank can help.

Our SBA loans offer the ability to provide funding that is reliant on projection of your business’ revenue. This is often an option when a personal loan just isn’t right for the business owner and they have a clear business plan that supports their future success.

A few added highlights of an SBA loan include:

  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Long term financing options
  • Financing of up to 90% for commercial real estate
  • Funding for machinery or equipment needed to get your business up and running.

Each business is different and at Camp Grove State Bank, we understand that. We’re local and make local decisions regarding our lending. We’d love to discuss your business venture. Contact us to get started.

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Equipment FinancingEquipment Financing

In the Camp Grove and the surrounding areas, we know that having the right equipment for your business is vital. We offer the ability to finance equipment for all of your business needs whether that is fleet vehicles, construction site vehicles or equipment, farm machinery, and more.

Keeping your business moving is how Camp Grove State Bank helps you grow and thrive. Let’s talk about your equipment needs and find the best financing for your business.

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Commercial Real EstateCommercial Real Estate

Your business’ location can often be a major factor in its success. Restaurants, retail stores, and more can all benefit from a prime location that best matches their vertical.

Camp Grove State Bank understands the importance of securing commercial real estate for your business regardless of type. We offer term loans secured by mortgages or SBA loans to help your business acquire its home base.

Commercial real estate loans do have specific requirements regarding occupancy and other factors that you may need guidance through. We’re your local expert on these loans, the area you wish to purchase, and more. Contact us today for personal recommendations and direction on your commercial real estate needs.

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Investment PropertiesInvestment Properties

Many business owners have turned to the successful industry of real estate investment. Our investment property lending is one way to grow your personal wealth and your business.

Camp Grove State Bank has the ability to make local decisions regarding investment properties with flexible underwriting.

Whether you are looking to finance a fix-and-flip project or just grow your real estate portfolio with rental property acquisitions, we’re ready to help make those investments possible.

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