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Home Loans

Choosing to purchase a home or utilize the equity in your home is a life decision not taken lightly. Camp Grove State Bank understands that finding the right mortgage or loan rate can be confusing and intimidating. We’re here to help you weigh your options and assist in achieving your goal of homeownership, remodeling your home, or taking out funds for significant life events or hardships. We’ll lead the way and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

Mortgage LendingMortgage Lending

Camp Grove State bank offers a variety of home loan options, each tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking to downsize, or even build your dream home; we can help find you the right loan.

With the ability to make decisions in house, your experience will be one of ease. We’re able to make decisions quickly and help you envision that home purchase you’ve always wanted.

Our mortgage experts are ready to discuss your home buying goals and the path to get there. Contact us today to see how your dream can become reality!

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Home Equity Line of CreditHELOCs

A Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC can be used for a variety of needs the homeowner may have. A HELOC offers access to a set amount of funds you can reuse as you pay down your balance. By paying down your balance, your ability to access your home’s equity means this may be the last loan you’ll ever need!

There are no limitations on what you are able to use the money for. Some needs might include:

  • College tuition for a child or yourself
  • Home improvements
  • Pay off high interest debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Purchase a vehicle

Camp Grove State Bank can discuss your home’s current value and your loan terms in order to assist in making the best decision for you and your finances. Contact us today to start your HELOC journey!

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Home Equity LoansHome Equity Loans

Your home is likely one of your largest assets. The value of your home can be utilized by taking out a home equity loan. Because this loan uses the value of your property as collateral, you oftentimes are able to secure competitive rates.

Like a home equity line of credit, you are able to use these funds for major purchases, upgrades and remodeling, high interest loans or debt payoff, and more.

Camp Grove State Bank can help you determine which equity loan is right for you and your needs. Let’s talk about your funding needs and how your home’s equity can help make it happen!

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